Sunday, April 4, 2010

Aki Sushi

Last night was date night so we decided to explore Warren's new hood in Wicker Park by walking down Division. A couple restaurants sparked our interest, but we decided to try out Aki Sushi. The BYOB sign and convenience of a liquor store across the street might have had something to do with it.
I started with the house salad, with ginger dressing - so good! If you want to make this dressing at home check out this site for instructions. Its surprisingly refreshing and goes great with the bottle of white wine we brought. Warren got two rolls with king crab and ahi tuna and I got a roll with seared salmon avocado and cream cheese. Delish!

It's always fun to go out for sushi. Something about the atmosphere- the refreshing food, the anticipation of what your roll will look like, and the clumsiness of stuffing your mouth with an all too large roll. The koi pond with a couple fish was slightly awkward as I kept thinking "sorry dudes", but none the less added to the atmosphere.  I think for a Saturday night the number of filled tables says a lot about a restaurant. And with that said- although the experience was fun I don't think I'll be back. Sorry Aki, no wow factor.