Friday, February 17, 2012

Why I love Manhattans

So this past weekend I went back to Chicago to visit bf. We had a lovely time with our families and even had time for date night and a lovely dinner at Arami for Valentine's day (pics to follow). After dinner we had an impromptu cocktail at the Violet Hour. Among the Chicago bars - this is one of our favorites. I'm kinda obsessed with our date nights because they start all prim and proper and end up with my cutting a line at some club so we can have a dance party. But it's the local, chill, neighborhood spots like Violet hour, Bangers and lace, the Bedford, Bar Deville, or the Burlington which have a special place in my heart. Usually this involves the two of us sitting at the bar and getting to know eachother again. No, we're not alcoholics. Yes, we enjoy a nice whiskey concoction once in awhile (Tipping my hat to the late, amazing mentor who taught Warren how to make a Manhattan on his porch in Wisconsin, T.). My favorite part of our date nights is not knowing where the night will lead us. ... whether it's trying to hit a club, walking into the Aviary with jeans and flip flops, making a pit stop for the DJ at Bar Deville, finding hidden doors to speakeasies in the Tenderloin, or ending the night in a hail storm. xoxo to my favorite guy. Happy 4 year love.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Local: Mission Eatery

I love Sunday brunch. And I love familiar faces. So this past Sunday I was delighted to have an accidental meeting with my former Chicago roommate, while brunching with a Canisius alumni. First off, the Canisius alumni, Katie, recently moved to SF from NYC and I've been meeting up with her every so often to catch up and enjoy some good food. She just moved into an adorably quintessential SF apartment recently and I'm loving her Mission neighborhood. I can't wait for school to slow down (hopefully soon??) to visit her more often. So while we were eating a lovely brunch at Local  in walks my old roomie from Chicago who I was supposed to meet up with later in the day. Long story short, Katie and I shared brunch with Liz and her new beau. It was a total random event that she happened to be walking into the restaurant but so fun enjoying a meal with old and new friends.

 Check out Local. The food was pretty darn good. And there produce (all of it) is sourced from Cali. So you can feel good about the healthy food you're eating! Maybe you'll have a chance encounter as well.
Cheers to brunch.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Jerry's Sandwiches

Where can you get a tasty sandwich and the ability to wash it down with any beer you can think of?  Jerry's, duh. The name is an homage to Jerome John Garcia and the owners weren't always restaurateurs. In fact, the two owners originally opened up shop in front of a catering kitchen in the west loop attempting to function as a deli. From the tiny space grew what is now a large space on Division ave. hosting a large variety of sandwiches, 200 North American craft beers, 70 American whiskeys seating for 130 seats indoors and another 60 outdoors. Phew. Check out their sandwiches which all come with some tasty sides. Their specials include the likes of: Wild Boar & Fig Vinegar BBQ Sloppy Joes, Fried Tilapia, Blue Cheese & Mascarpone Stuffed Chicken Burgers. Seriously drooling.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pano's- Buffalo, NY

Oh hey there!! It's been awhile but I finally have a little break to update some past eats. First up is Pano's in Buffalo, NY. For the past 9+ year's I've been going to Pano's I order the same EXACT dish! The Chicken Souvlaki. You think I'd be adventurous and order something else, but no. This dish is so good I can't pass it up. So while I was home over the holiday's it was the usual. And although Pano's did some demo and is unrecognizable compared to my memories of Sunday's brunch in college, the food is still great. Yum-o.

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