Saturday, May 14, 2011


My sister and I took my mom to Sprout for mother's day brunch. Sprout is Dale Levitski's creation which opened up somewhat recently in Lincoln Park. They just started doing the adult-only brunch so I figured what a great opportunity to try something new and enjoy some time with my mom. 

This was possibly the best brunch I've had in sometime. The restaurant is cozy, with an atrium in the front and huge bar in the main dining room. I like the manly decor but it did remind me of a cheesy-vegas restaurant as well. The art was somewhat standard and bland, a lot of cream and browns. 

 We started with some coffee and I ordered the "Afternoon delight". This was a cocktail made with frenet, raspberry, basil fennel syrup and prosecco. Very tasty, and very strong. I loved the coffee as well, nothing like a good strong cup to start brunch. We ordered the bacon buns to start. Wow were they tasty. Soft buns with a surprise of bacony awesomeness in the center. My only wish was that there were more of them. 1-per person was just a tease! 

My mom ordered the sausage, "Biscuts and gravy" with buttermilk, apple, fennel and onion. I don't get the quotes around most of the dishes. I mean, I get it but I don't think it is necessary. The sausage was yummy and I loved the taste of fennel. My sister ordered the curry "shrimp & grits" with edamame, carrots and cilantro. This was so yummy. Very spicy but great taste of curry with the shrimp. And I ordered the Lingonberry "french toast" with peanut butter, 5 spice, banana, pan d'Mie and a fruit salad. I loveeeed my french toast. After half-way I started getting overwhelmed by the sweetness but I switched dishes with my sister and was happy. I love sweet for brunch but this was overload.

I really like sprout. And the brunch was just perfection. The service was also wonderful, very attentive and friendly. I would love to come back!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After craving some Greek food this weekend I decided to be bold and explore a different restaurant. And I was left a little underwhelmed after trying Venus. I have a special place in my heart for Greek food and GreekTown in Chicago. It goes back to the Hellenic Festival in downtown Buffalo when I was in Middle School. Not sure why I love everything Greek (the food, the men, the music) but a good bowl of avegolemono soup always makes me happy.

Anyways. Venus was cute inside. The bar is shaped like a boat and the dinning space is very cozy. I loved the lemony zest of the olives that came out and my wine was tasty. The chicken dish was interesting. I don't think I loved it or the rice. The lamb dish was over cooked and skimpy on the 18$ portion. The half chicken however was quite good. Loved the potatoes.

They are a "Mediterranean Cypriot" restaurant and not traditional Greek. Maybe I like my traditional Greek way to much to let go of it's dishes. It's hard to open up shop in Greek town and compete with a couple of some fine restaurants so I think Venus has some impressing to do yet.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rosebud on Rush


Viva al fresco dining! Well, al fresco with a heavy winter scarf and jacket. Chicago! Stop being a spaz and faking me out, warm up already! Anyways. Did you know the Rosebud on Rush st. has 5$ burgers during weekday lunch hours (11am-3pm)? Music to my ears. I checked out the deal a couple days ago and while the sun was out decided to brave the brisk Michigan Lake winds and sit outside. The patio makes for some great people watching (que ladies in lovely Louboutin's walking into the Peninsula). For start a nice olive oil and parmesan spread with warm bread. Mmm. I love me some good, really quality EVOO. And this was it. I forgot to ask what it was since the waiter promptly removed it but it was lemony and very tasty. I wish he kept it around!

A nice minestrone soup to warm me up. My company ordered a chopped chicken salad which was pretty darn good. And finally my burger. Totally hit the spot. I can't compare it to Kuma's burgers but I can say it made me completely happy in the moment. What a great deal for 5$. I liked the bread they used and the cheddar cheese was super tasty. Check it out if you are around during lunch, and here's to hoping for more al fresco dining!