Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After craving some Greek food this weekend I decided to be bold and explore a different restaurant. And I was left a little underwhelmed after trying Venus. I have a special place in my heart for Greek food and GreekTown in Chicago. It goes back to the Hellenic Festival in downtown Buffalo when I was in Middle School. Not sure why I love everything Greek (the food, the men, the music) but a good bowl of avegolemono soup always makes me happy.

Anyways. Venus was cute inside. The bar is shaped like a boat and the dinning space is very cozy. I loved the lemony zest of the olives that came out and my wine was tasty. The chicken dish was interesting. I don't think I loved it or the rice. The lamb dish was over cooked and skimpy on the 18$ portion. The half chicken however was quite good. Loved the potatoes.

They are a "Mediterranean Cypriot" restaurant and not traditional Greek. Maybe I like my traditional Greek way to much to let go of it's dishes. It's hard to open up shop in Greek town and compete with a couple of some fine restaurants so I think Venus has some impressing to do yet.

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