Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bonsoirée - Chicago

I'm on a blogging roll! Can you tell I'm on a break from classes? So while I was in Chicago over Thanksgiving boyfriend and I had an amazing meal at Bonsoirée in Logan Square. I've been getting emails from them regarding their underground Saturday dinners: new menu's that are introduced monthly and by invitation only. You can learn more about it here. We wanted to do another prix fixe menu and finally decided on Bonsoirée's 8-course Fall menu. It also helps that this place is BYOB. I would recommend looking at the menu and even calling ahead to get some wine recommendations from them. I would also recommend taking a bottle of white & a bottle of red. Sorry for the fuzzy photo's but the tiny dim lit, romantic space did not call for flash. Enjoy.

So in my excitement at the climax of the dinner I forgot to take a pic of the Wagyu - braised beef that was slow braised for 72-hours (!). It was very delicious and I only wish I took a picture of it. I'll let you look at the fall menu on the website yourself otherwise it would take me forever to go over each one.

But some highlights: the Motoyaki, the lobster and thai curry bisque and the dessert. Motoyaki is a Japanese style of cooking that involves baked food served in an oyster shell. Here they used a scallop rested in the oyster shell. It was amazing- melts in your mouth. The texture of soft scallop and crusty topping was perfection. My boyfriend's favorite dish was the bisque. The depth of flavors really progressed as you finished it off. The Wagyu (not pictured) was also very good. The most interesting thing on the menu was the finale- the dessert. Our waiter called it a play on "a night out on the town". This involved a tobacco ice cream, bourbon infused cake (very reminiscent of red velvet) a beet reduction and some very nicely done chocolate bars. I apologize if I get some of the ingredients wrong. This was such a unique dessert and I loved it for that. The tobacco ice cream was very potent on it's own - but in conjunction with the other ingredients it was very tasty.

Overall it was a very nice dinner. The ambiance of the tiny, well hidden space was cozy and perfect for enjoying your company. The progression of the meal was nice - although I felt it could have used another protein dish in the middle. I love the concept of BYOB but would have liked some recommendations on their website. The dishes were spaced out nicely - but could have come out a bit faster. Also some of the temperature's of the dishes seemed off. I'm glad to knock it off my bucket list, but not sure I'd go back.

Check it out for yourself and let me know your thoughts.. I'd love to hear other people's takes on some of the dishes. xoxo

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Noodles by Takashi - Chicago

Takashi is slowly, and deliciously, taking over Chicago. You might remember my meal last Christmas at the Takashi restaurant which was amazing (and my favorite dinner experience thus far). Takashi has a convenient noodle shop in the food court on the 7th floor of Macy's on State street. During my weekend in Chicago I got to finally have some tasty noodles. And I can't wait for the opening of the Slurping Turtle which just opened the 28th. 

The line was the shortest among the restaurants in the food court but the lure of a tasty, hearty bowl of noodles was a perfect respite from the madness of Black Friday. We got a sampling of apps - and two bowls of noodles. The broth in each of the noodle dishes were very tasty- and very different. Honestly I don't remember which was which but they both had ample broth and noodles. They could have used a bit more meat. I'm sorta obsessed with Takashi and his unique restaurants that are popping up all over the city. Now only to get him to open up shop in SF.

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Thanksgiving in Chicago

Happy post-Thanksgiving! I spent the little break I had celebrating, and feasting with my boyfriend and sister in Chicago. Although- I was looking forward for some snow and only found mild temps and lots of rain! Ah! Hopefully there will be snow when I return for New Year's (careful what you wish for). I hope you all had a great, yummy, restful Thanksgiving!
Enjoy some pics from my day on State street, the market at Daley plaza and an afternoon craving for sweets...

A pit stop at Christkindlandmarket for some lovely ornaments and to revisit my old lunch-time spot.(I actually miss the days of corporate Chicago).
And finally an afternoon snack at Magnolia's (!!) that just opened up on State street. My bf just spent 6 weeks in NYC for work and raved about the banana pudding! It was sooo yummy!
Cheers to the start of the holiday season! :)