Sunday, January 2, 2011


Takashi was my favorite meal of 2010. The boyfriend and I decided to do a Christmas dinner instead of traditional presents so we found Takashi on the Michalin list and decided to try it. This place is so inconspicuous you would never notice it is a restaurant and not a residence. The outside is so cute! The inside is even better, decorated minimally and beautifully. We were seated in the upstairs loft-style space. I felt like I was in someone's chic attic.

We opted for the 6-course tasting menu with wine pairings. Our wonderful waiter gave us approval and I am so glad we picked not only the tasting menu, but the winepairings! 

First up was the amuse bouche- oyster with ginger dressing on top of mushrooms. Paired with an Avinyo Brut Champagne. The Champagne was perfect with the crisp seafoody taste of the oyster. I got more of the ginger sauce then my date but the consensus was all smiles. The perfect amuse bouche !

Then came the maguro tataki seared big eye tuna with brussel sprouts and pickled salsfiy. It was paired with a Riesling. Another fresh and light flavor combination. The crisp of crackers on the tuna was a nice contrast.

For #2 was the shrimp, squid, scallop and octopus ceviche. I love ceviche , and in my eyes you can do no wrong with it. Indeed this was amazing! Takashi is not selfish with the portions either, the large peices of fish really made it feel like a meal in itself. This was eaten with the Riesling as well. 

#3 was sauteed Maine scallops and gnocchi. the root-Parmesan foam on top was a perfect addition and the scallops were cooked to perfection! Paired with a reserve Chablis. This was our favorite wine! 

#4 was the soy-ginger pork belly served with a pickled daikon salad and steamed buns. This was almost a loosely translated deconstruction of the open face sandwich. The pork was nicely cooked with a sweet finish. Paired with a pinot noir. 

#5 was the grilled bob white quail with pancetta. I've never had quail and loved the flavor. Darker meat but certainly delicious. I loved the  port wine reduction . This was paired with another amazing red wine. 

And finally for #6 was the chocolate macadamia nut cake with a bittersweet ganache and vanilla ice cream! Paired with a port a perfect sweet touch to the end of an amazing meal.

On our way out we spotted Takashi himself. He actually was standing at the hostess booth greeting people coming in! How authentic was that! I loved that and we were able to tell him how much we loved his food, even better. I would love to come back to this place or even check out his noodle only shop at the Macy's on state street. I heard his ramen is bomb. Who! 

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