Monday, January 24, 2011

NYC: The Meatball Shop

A couple weeks ago I visited a friend in NYC. I've been meaning to head to the East Coast for sometime now and I feel like the further West I go, the less of an opportunity I'll have to hit the big apple. The trip was short and sweet- a two day stint in the LES with my friend, a former Chicago resident, and her lovely roommate. We hit a couple bars and feasted during the day. The first night we hit Artisanal Bistro for some fondue compliments of the lovely roomate's family. The fondue was tres magnifique. And the blue cheese olive martini's hit the spot to start the meal.
Besides Artisanal I got to wander lower Manhattan and hit some shops. Along the way I stopped into Dean & DeLuca's for some treats. The cupcakes (red velvet), chocolate chip cookies and coconut cakes were heavenly. I only wish I hadn't forgotten my camera. Boo.
Considering the fact that I was staying in the cross fires of 2 ethinic mixes (China town / Little Italy) I had to stop in China town to check out the markets. And of course wander little Italy for kicks. In China town I found a little Pho shop and just couldn't resist getting a bowl at Pho Grand.  It was delish!
For dinner I got to meet up with a Grad school friend I've been missing at Corsino Cantina in the West Village. The company was great and catching up after not seeing each other for a couple years left our waitress coming back a dozen times to see if we were ready to ordered yet, opps. The apps- flat bread pizza (amazzing) and entree's (pasta) were perfect for sharing over conversation. This meal topped the rest mostly because of conversation.

The favorite NYC food (this trip) would have to be at The Meatball Shop in the lower east side neighborhood. The place screams of character, just like the neighborhood it's in. We went on a very snowy afternoon and all the tables were filled. So we opted for the bar. Which I really don't mind, in fact I'd much rather sit up top and check out the view in the kitchen. And the staff was certainly a reflection of the owners of this little shop. Everything= meatballs. Seriously, this is a dream for most foodies. And why Chicago hasn't caught on is perplexing to me. Who doesn't love 'em some balls?
We ordered two kinds of sandwich's - a special / and a standard ball. You can also get naked balls, sliders, what they call heros, or smash ( 2 balls smashed together). The menu is meant to be customized and fit to order. We also got some cream soda's. The sandwich's were delish!! I want one in Chicago! The diner next to us was eating solo and from the looks of his belly he's a frequent visitor, he informed us this place brings in like $80,000 a week and they are in the works to open another location. Maybe just a little west? Like say- Chicago?

So all in all NYC trip was a food success. I wish I took more pictures but I was sort of in a trance of the city. Maybe next time.


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  2. I want a bite of the meatball sandwich, Meatball Shop here I come.