Friday, January 28, 2011

Longman & Eagle

A sunny Friday afternoon calls for some beer and burgers, right? So I head to Longman & Eagle for a catch-up-gossip lunch with friend, Megan. This Logan Square location is quite obscure but if you're eyes are open you'll find it at the corner or Kedzie. The website noted they have 6 rooms, "available for overnight stay, casual yet considered offerings that seasoned travelers will appreciate when looking to immerse and initiate themselves within the fabric of a bustling, vibrant urban enclave. Our rooms vary in both price and proportion, but aesthetics, comfort and function are manifest throughout". Hmm. What an interesting concept. Very European hostel-ish.

Our waiter was very friendly and when asked about the Wittekerke- Belgian white beer he offered a very enticing description. The drink menu is ample and you won't find yourself lost, and if so you can always ask some questions.  Although, is it true that Wittekerke is made by monks? Or was our waiter totally messing with me. Either way, it could have been made by a priest for all i know, it was tasty.

On to the food. I had my eye on the burger when I checked out the menu before hand. And there it stood, calling my name. Burger it is. Slagel Family Farms Burger, Aged Windmer’s Cheddar, Neuske’s Bacon on a Brioche Bun. The bacon was melt-in-your mouth delish and the Cheddar cheese was sooo tasty I wish I could make a grilled cheese sandwich from it.
My friend choose the Wild Boar Sloppy Joe, Crispy Sage and Onion, Pickled Jalapeno sandwich. The dried sage was good, although I couldn't figure out what it was until I re-read the menu. Not much flavor in the sage but the sloppy joe itself had quite a kick to it. In a good way.

Bottom line is Longman & Eagle has great ingredients that make for rich flavorful combination's. The brunch menu looks so good that I'm sure I'll be back soon to check it out. I also wouldn't mind coming back for dinner and trying the bone-marrow or a whiskey flight.

Hat's off to Longman & Eagle. Michelin star deserved!

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  1. jealous jealous jealous! am still dying to go!

  2. Krista, It was so yummy. I def. would go back and try the other options. I wish I got an appetizer too. But there is always next time!