Monday, March 21, 2011

Hubbard Inn

Here it is, my new favorite bar - Hubbard Inn. A third because of the dark and old school interior, a third because of the unique drink choices (very Violet Hour-ish) and a third because of our bartender Benjamin. I heart you Ben, and I heart your ensemble, and your sweet mixology skills. Not to mention the drinks that got my sister and I bombed, and resulted in a dance party in my living room.

We stumbled in here after the post-st.patty's day options grew tiresome and I was not in the mood for another cat-call from a drunken non-Irish celebrating Chicago's biggest "holiday". Ok, I'm really not so anti-St.Patty's day I love me some green river like the rest of them, but I was feeling more low key this year.

Hubbard Inn is brought to you by owners behind English and LaSalle Power Co. but this place is more my type. A restaurant, tavern, library, lounge - I'm not really sure but I like it. The dark woods, Ernest Hemingway -inspired decor, Victorian chairs and brass fixtures speak to me. The drink choices include unique drinks like the "river north smash" with makers mark, lemon grass, simple syrup and mint or the straight-up classic the Manhattan. The bartenders here make you feel like a guest and the scenery is enticing.  This time around I didn't get any food but I'll try to order some grub the next time I'm here. I def. recommend this place. Thanks Benjamin!

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  1. Wow looks like fun! I keep meaning to get over here, but always get distracted. And great pics! How did get you them to come out like that?

  2. Thanks Krista, yea it was fun I would go back. I mess around with photoshop sometimes to liven the colors. But here I didn't use flash and put it on sport mode. The lines thicken up but it makes for some neat effects. :)

  3. What camera are you using? Love them. Should I add Hubbard Inn to the list? I've heard the food is only ok??

  4. hey jeff, I'm using a Nikon coolpix l120. I have a few SLR's but the coolpix is compact (which is great to avoid the awkward fine-dining side glances) and does the trick for close-up food pics. Hubbard is fun, probably more for an off-night for drinks so you can chat the bartenders. the food looked good, but shamefully so- i never got to try it!