Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wine Series - Line 39, Cabernet Sauvignon

Time for another wine series! Lets talk about Line 39's Cabernet Sauvignon. This lovely blue bottle has been sitting on my shelf since our Christmas Party (thank you to whomever brought it, but I don't remember who!) and after a long week needed to be opened tout vite!

So Line 39 winery is located in Lake County AVA A region in California just north of Napa Valley. AVA stands for American Viticultural Area which basically means it is an area of land designated to grape-growing, defined by it's geographic features by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau and the US Dept. of Treasury. Line 39 is the specific latitude where this winery is located. How neat. You just learned something new!

On to the wine itself. The Cabernet was quite delish, it opened well and after airing for a moment it settled into itself to taste rather flavorful. The winery describes is as "aromas of bright red fruits, blackberry, tobacco and cedar". I could smell the fruit which was offset by cedar, a great balance. The flavors were dark yet not overpowering. I think it would taste great with a nice steak salad or pasta dish. Even on its own it tastes lovely and not overpowering.

Overall I like this wine, for a very reasonable price it's a nice wine to have on hand. But it's by no means my most favorite wine. Something good to try though, especially after a long day. Enjoy.

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