Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saigon Sisters

I know you've heard me rant about Pho plenty of times, so brace yourself: another post about PHO! My Sushi 28 pho tutorial tops this one but I had to check out Saigon Sister's new location down the street and test out their pho. I mean the gals are Vietnamese, so I had high expectations. And the chicken pho was quite tasty. The owners husband stopped by and informed us of their ingredients and no MSG dishes. You could certainly taste the fresh chicken. The broth could've used a bit more flavor but over all I wanted more, which is usually a good sign. I swear it's like bliss slurping up a good bowl of pho.
And how appropriate: I went to Saigon Sisters with my lovely sister. She shared her guilt coupons and we got a couple sandwiches as well!


We each got a Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich). I got the "L" sandwich: with braised lamb, oyster sauce, curried red onions and radishes and mint. I felt the lamb was very overpowering in flavor. So unfortunatley I took out some peices of meat (sorry to waste). After that the taste was perfect and I really liked the freshness of the mint and radishes. Such a refreshing flavor combo. My sis got the hen house: caramelized chicken, lemongrass, ginger, mint, lime and peanuts. Yet another flavorful- and fresh flavor profile. This is why I LOVE vietnamese food. Mint and lime can do no wrong together. The ginger drinks we got were so yummy. It left a nice ginger-candy after taste. 

You can see Saigon Sisters at the French Market down the street as well. I'd love to come back for dinner. The menu was a bit overpriced from what I saw, but again the flavor combination's are unique to this river west clientele and I would love to come back. 
Oh yea, and the friendly and sweet owners were great!

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  1. Looks so tasty! I'll definitely try it on my next visit to London!

  2. Hi! You should try it. But it's not in London, it's in Chicago. :) Only a slight detour.

  3. I've been meaning to get here. Worth the extra effort?? Looks pretty tasty.

  4. It was very tasty, but just a little over-priced in my opinion.