Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Small Bar & Snowpocolypse 2011!!

Well if you were in Chicago this week you probably stayed in and watched your car get covered in a couple feet of snow. And hopefully not one of the fools that tried to dig out your Ford Focus while it was still snowing. Once the snow stopped mid afternoon I decided to venture around Division street and find some grub...

 It was fun exploring the streets but finding someplace for lunch was not so fun. Jerry's Sandwich Shop was packed and most other restaurants were closed until we got to Small Bar on Division. Just in time because they were turning down patron's for lack of servers. Understandable, no one wants to venture out in this snow to work. Most cars were covered in snow.
The servers were clearly stressed and I felt so bad for them  - for the entire bar it looked like they were running on 2 servers (minus the owner) and a cook. The whole lunch took a couple hours but we didn't mind. It's not like we had anywhere else to go in this mess. Did I mention I was raised in Buffalo, NY and this weather is like an average day in Buffalo??

We ordered some Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout's to stay toasty and waited for our grub. About an hour later and alas!- awesomeness. On a frigid day like today a BLT and 1/2 pound burger do the trick. No need for the fancy schmancy stuff. Thank you Small Bar. I appreciate your dedication to plow yourselves out of your apartment and feed me. Yum.
Back to my apartment.


  1. I have been wanting to try this little (no pun intended) spot. How is the beer/cocktail selection?

  2. not bad actually (i'd say more for beers vs. mixed drinks etc. to be honest I was soo cold from walking around in the snow I just agreed to the first thing on special that sounded good. they had soccer on and a pretty cozy atmosphere. i've been here at night too, get's pretty packed.

  3. Thanks! I will have to add it on my to do list.

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