Sunday, February 13, 2011

Odyssey Brunch

The day before Valentine's Day my thoughtful boyfriend decided to make plans for us to do the Odyssey Valentine's Champagne Brunch. We are more the dive bar, listen to good music, and occasionally have a dance party -kind of couple (rewind to Tuman's Saturday night and us trying to dance after a night of mixed concoctions). So this was out of the norm for us, and albeit cheesy, it was so much fun. The cruise took off at Navy Pier and coasted the Lake for a couple hours while we ate from the buffet and sipped mimosa's. The clientele was diverse, and it was really fun people watching. The buffet had the standard assortment of brunch items: french toast, eggs, bacon, salmon and halibut, a carving station, salads and the other typical fixins. The food was surprisingly tasty. As cheesy as the band was, the backdrop of the city (thank you sunny skies) made it a playful day date and something I'm glad we did. It's fun to explore things like tourists do, and get a chance to mark something off your bucket list. My favorite part was stealing a few minutes to the third level empty banquet room stretching our legs and enjoying the view. Our very nice waitress brought us tea and coffee while we relaxed. Ah, yes I am a cheese ball. But it's Valentine's day, might as well embrace it. And even if you don't have a sweetie to enjoy your V-day I hope you get to do something special.

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