Saturday, February 12, 2011

Del Seoul

 Last week a co-worker and I decided to set a date and meet up over food. She, an avid restaurant lover like myself, was open to trying something new. So we decided to check out Del Seoul in Lincoln Park. My old stomping grounds are always fun to re-visit and seeing this new spot made me jealous I didn't live off Clark any longer. I do love River West but Lincoln Park's timeless allure is still appealing.
Del Seoul was a perfect setting to catch up and feast. They are described as "Korean Street BBQ", mimicking the ol' street flare that is very much present in Cali and of course Asian countries. Korean food done well, and not dressed up and reduced to a portion the size of a spoon. I mean, isn't that all a person wants? Just plan good food. I realize they try to modern-it-up, yet I appreciate them doing it without losing the essence of street-food. 

We each ordered 3 tacos, split fries and split dumplings. The tacos were: Kalbi (beef short rib), spicy BBQ pork, spicy BBQ chicken, and sesame chili- shrimp all on corn tortillas. The cilantro relish with "secret" slaw was so tasty. We both agreed that the shrimp was the best, and wish we ordered more!

The fries were nice and spicy, with a side of garlic aioli, it was nice to have something to munch on in between the tacos. I do wish I got the kimchi fries, maybe next time. And the Pièce de résistance: Seoul style pork street dumplings. I am usually not a fan of stemmed pork ( a thousand dumpling lovers are gasping) but this was so yummy. I wish I wasn't full otherwise I'd finish them all! 

Del Seoul is a fun take on street fare with really surprising flavor combination's. A little bit of Asian and a hint of Mexican street food. 

The atmosphere of this little joint was great too, we were able to order, sit and chat for awhile over dumplings. Doesn't get better than this!

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