Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A blog about food could not be complete without a tribute to one of the most amazing dishes of all time- Pho. This tasty bowl of beef, noodles and veggies is a Vietnamese dish that I first discovered in an unexpected restaurant in Buffalo (Le Metro). Since moving to Chicago I've tried a few places but none compare to Sushi 28 on Clark north of Diversey.  Don't let this Lincoln Park location fool you. It might not seem as authentic as the row of Pho joints on Argyle street in Uptown, but it's quaint decor and incredibly friendly owners make you feel at right at home. This sunday (after a hang-over from the night before) we took my sister for her first pho experience.
The tutorial on eating pho begins with the sauces: Sriracha sauce (a spicy red chili hot sauce found in many Asian/Thai restaurants) and Hoisin sauce ( a brown-ish Chinese dipping sauce). Be kind to yourself and don't overdo the Sriracha , a rookie mistake.
Then comes the plate of vegetables: bean sprouts, basil , jalapeƱos, and limes. Mmm.
I usually order the beef , and there are many types but don't be scared it's all amazing! If you're a Pho novice the chicken is a safe bet. Once your steaming bowl of meat and noodles comes out the fun begins- mixing in all the veggies and sauces as you see fit. 

The mixing is my favorite part. Something about the anticipation of the first bite, while being able to customize my bowl. My inner foodie is having a heart attack over here. If you've never tried Pho get over to Sushi 28 or any of the amazing Pho spots in Uptown. This is a hangover-Sunday must.  
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  1. Mmm.. that looks so good.. It's not even 10am and I could a bowl right now!