Sunday, February 14, 2010

The city

Ok so I'm not exactly a foodie, I didn't know what kimchi was until recently, I like to eat but I can go for a pizza roll if I'm too lazy. I'm no Bourdain. And compared to my sister and my boyfriend who are food fanatics, I got nothing on them. So 'why this blog' you say? Food is art. And my love of photography is a hobby that I've always wanted to do something with. So why not combine both loves to chronicle the experience of food.  Food to me is all about the experience. Nothing beats sitting at home at my mom's kitchen island feasting on homemade Persian food with the smell of saffron in the air. Experimenting with my own home cooking at home with Sanaz (the sister) or finding a nice dive with Warren (the boyfriend). The memories I have about food usually stand out the most when I recall who I was sharing it with. Food is best shared. And the setting comes secondary. Over the last few years I've been to almost every type of restaurant and tried every type of cuisine. And there's still so much to explore! The experience of food involves others, the setting and the amazing enjoyment you get while at the table. This blog will chronicle the adventures of a pseudo-foodie to try the newest, next, best thing. Drop me a line of some suggestions and I'd be happy to break bread with you. Enjoy!

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