Sunday, February 14, 2010

Korean meets Latin?

Last night Sanaz and I had sister date night at Belly Shack (Directions). Seriously, this place is to die for. This is the second time I've been here, and as I remember it last- amazing! This is a BYOB Korean-Latin fusion- communal dining dream. I ordered the special - Korean BBQ beef with curry mayo in a plantain sandwich. Mine came with the most amazing side (above). She ordered the Korean BBQ koji with ssam paste. FYI: ssam jang is a soybean paste used in Korean cooking. We also ordered the roasted squash with maple syrup and pho spices. Mmm. Topped off with a nice Sauvignon Blanc we purchased at Whole Foods prior = most amazing dinner ever. My somewhat embarrassing moment however was asking chef, and owner Bill Kim what the tasty little thingies were in my side dish? -Asian Pears. I must buy some now.

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  1. Asian pears are the best! I tried it a couple months ago and I would say that pears are my favorite fruit now :) very sweet and delicious!