Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food Therapy

A slight deviation from trying something new... having something on stand-by when a rough day calls for it. 

After a long day at work- listening to client's and their problems (i.e: I'm depressed, anxious, bi-polar, and possibly suicidal) nothing hits the spot like a sexy little burrito to come home to. Chipotle. Mmm.  Note: the Chipotle at the corner of Madison and Wells has buy-one get-one burritos on occasion. My sister (who frequents this little Mexican chain almost bi-monthly) surprised me with a veggie (with all the fixins) after work. The guacamole is so heavenly. I find myself scooping it out with my finger, while still wearing pearls and stilettos after a long day of madness. Why does Chiptole always make my day seem less miserable?

For all of you back home in Buffalo- a recently opened Chipotle awaits you on Niagara Falls Blvd. Hurry!

To come... Chicago Restaurant week. Reservations made.

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