Friday, January 14, 2011

Next Restaurant

Psst. Have you heard about Next? I only found out about this place while driving down Fulton (my hood) and noticed construction taking place at the old Fulton Lounge. I often curse Fulton Lounge for closing down,  I've had some fond memories there and really enjoyed their drink and music selection. It's hard to find something comparative to Fulton Lounge.

Anyways, while glancing sadly at the former space, and almost running into a fish delivery truck, I noticed construction underway. I wondered what was going to fill this lovely location. Seriously, I love my neighborhood. I'm in walking distance to the Publican (which I still haven't been to, scratch that I went to publican the day after I posted this for happy hour drinks, oysters and pork rinds. But forgot my camera!) and all the amazing restaurants on Randolph street. What was this mysterious construction going to produce?

Check it.
Chef Grant Achatz and the creative team behind Alinea are creating a new restaurant where you buy tickets ahead of time (instead of making reservations). Sort of like going to a show.  Buying tickets in advance is new to Chicago and already he's creating buzz.

You'll be paying for a 5-6 course meal that includes food, beverage pairings and service. Depending on the menu and what day/time you dine you'll be paying around $40-$75. Wine and beverage pairings begin at 25$. Yup, coming from the  man that brought you a $195 meal (excluding the pairings of course), a much more reasonable and equally imaginative menu I'm sure. Oh yea, they are also opening a bar next door called Aviary. I can't really find much out about Aviary but here's what their website says , "The Aviary is neither a bar nor a lounge exactly. Or perhaps it is a bar without a bar or bartenders. Or a lounge without the attitude of a lounge. It is our version of where we want to go for drinks on a Thursday evening with friends who care about what they are drinking and eating."

Um. Is that a riddle?

I swear they are just trying to mess with us. Darn it. It's working because I really want to go!!
BTW it's still not open.


  1. Very excited for Next to open ~ and pleased to meet a Chicago neighbor foodie :) (I live in West Loop also)

  2. I can't wait! Don't you love this neighborhood? We're spoiled in terms of great restaurants, pretty much within walking distance. And not to forget Greek town - my favorite ! :)