Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving in Chicago

Happy post-Thanksgiving! I spent the little break I had celebrating, and feasting with my boyfriend and sister in Chicago. Although- I was looking forward for some snow and only found mild temps and lots of rain! Ah! Hopefully there will be snow when I return for New Year's (careful what you wish for). I hope you all had a great, yummy, restful Thanksgiving!
Enjoy some pics from my day on State street, the market at Daley plaza and an afternoon craving for sweets...

A pit stop at Christkindlandmarket for some lovely ornaments and to revisit my old lunch-time spot.(I actually miss the days of corporate Chicago).
And finally an afternoon snack at Magnolia's (!!) that just opened up on State street. My bf just spent 6 weeks in NYC for work and raved about the banana pudding! It was sooo yummy!
Cheers to the start of the holiday season! :)

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