Friday, February 17, 2012

Why I love Manhattans

So this past weekend I went back to Chicago to visit bf. We had a lovely time with our families and even had time for date night and a lovely dinner at Arami for Valentine's day (pics to follow). After dinner we had an impromptu cocktail at the Violet Hour. Among the Chicago bars - this is one of our favorites. I'm kinda obsessed with our date nights because they start all prim and proper and end up with my cutting a line at some club so we can have a dance party. But it's the local, chill, neighborhood spots like Violet hour, Bangers and lace, the Bedford, Bar Deville, or the Burlington which have a special place in my heart. Usually this involves the two of us sitting at the bar and getting to know eachother again. No, we're not alcoholics. Yes, we enjoy a nice whiskey concoction once in awhile (Tipping my hat to the late, amazing mentor who taught Warren how to make a Manhattan on his porch in Wisconsin, T.). My favorite part of our date nights is not knowing where the night will lead us. ... whether it's trying to hit a club, walking into the Aviary with jeans and flip flops, making a pit stop for the DJ at Bar Deville, finding hidden doors to speakeasies in the Tenderloin, or ending the night in a hail storm. xoxo to my favorite guy. Happy 4 year love.

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