Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pano's- Buffalo, NY

Oh hey there!! It's been awhile but I finally have a little break to update some past eats. First up is Pano's in Buffalo, NY. For the past 9+ year's I've been going to Pano's I order the same EXACT dish! The Chicken Souvlaki. You think I'd be adventurous and order something else, but no. This dish is so good I can't pass it up. So while I was home over the holiday's it was the usual. And although Pano's did some demo and is unrecognizable compared to my memories of Sunday's brunch in college, the food is still great. Yum-o.

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  1. My Momma is from Buffalo, and whenever we used to visit, she would find the BEST little Greek places. This reminds me of that, and all the good times we had hanging out with her old hippie friends. :)

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