Sunday, May 23, 2010

Al-Khymieh Restaurant

Yikes! It's been forever! I've been so busy with work, weddings in Buffalo, and other activities, that I haven't been blogging. Shame! Before I can get up to date on my more recent restaurant excursions I have to fill you in on a dinning excursion from April at Al-Khymieh Restaurant.

Warren, and I took my co-worker  Mary out for some Lebanese food up north near Kimball. Unfortunately the restaurant we wanted to go to use our Groupon wasn't taking reservations. So we randomly picked an appealing nearby restaurant. 

What struck my eye initially was the table of eight Muslin women sitting near the front window, dressed head-to-toe in colorful silk hajab's. Nothing says authentic Middle-Eastern more than a group of women feasting in centuries old traditional garb.
It was truly authentic and delicious. Although the restaurant wasn't where we planned to dine I'm pleased we picked it. If i can choose between a restaurant that is wise in advertising (groupon) vs. one with authentic tasting food- I will pick the road less traveled. Al-Khymieh was a hidden BYOB gem and we'll be back. Happy Birthday Mary!

Viola les photographs...
Hummus, Lamb shank, Middle-Eastern salad and grilled chicken. 

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