Sunday, July 8, 2012

Slurping Turtle - Chicago

Last time I was in Chicago my sister and I finally checked out Takashi's Slurping Turtle in river north. It's amazing how much of an empire Takashi has built for himself in Chicago. I've been to the food court at Macy's and Takashi restaurant and both were amazing. The restaurant was by far my favorite. Slurping turtle was pretty awesome too. The staff were friendly and the noodles were piping hot. Check it out.

Yums. I liked the lower one better, because the broth was spicy and the mushrooms were tasty. But both were very yummy. We also got the duck fat fried chicken which was way too rich for my liking. The lunch concluded with ice cream and a special appearance by Takashi himself, walking the floor. This will be my second Takashi sighting. :)

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