Wednesday, March 24, 2010


To celebrate the Persian New Year we went out to celebrate in true Persian style, feasting!! There are several Iranian restaurants in Chicago and I've been to all of them except for Masouleh in Rogers Park. The yelp reviews boast authentic Persian food, great atmosphere, and BYOB - all the ingredients for a great meal out. Here are a few basic dishes you'll find in most Persian restaurants , none as good as my moms.

You aren't a true Persian unless you know how to cook Basmati rice. A core dish of fluffy non-sticky rice, with a little saffron mixed on top, and a side of tadik (a thin layer of crusty potato resting on the bottom of a pan of cooked rice). Then there is a basic starter side-dish called mast-khiar, a yogurt, cucumber and mint side served alongside parsley and turnips.

This is a bowl of ashe- a hearty lentil soup served with a dollop on yogurt and minty olive oil on top. This is truly a deliciously comforting item, my favorite!
 Next comes saffron chicken to eat with your white rice or dill rice.

So if you've never had Iranian food before check it out, you might really like it. I suggest all of the above dishes, especially the ashe soup!

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