Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Organic is yummy

Hi!! So it's been awhile, eh? It has been a very busy couple weeks, which means not much time to eat out. Boo. But this week will be looking up with reservations at Blackbird, and I'll be filling you in on this past weekends Iranian New Years celebration.

First I'd like to mention a little Saturday afternoon outing I had at the Family Farmed Expo 2010 at the UIC campus. Warren's company sponsored this food festival which celebrated local food and urban agriculture. I didn't realize there was such a thing as urban agriculture but there is! For instance, did you know that Devon streets Uncommon Ground location boasts the city's first certified organic rooftop garden? This showcase was a wonderful way to learn more about not only the city's organic restaurants but learn more about local farmlands surrounding Chicagoland.
The food festival was a three day affair. Warren snagged some free tickets to the Saturday afternoon trade show, which included food demo's (Rick Bayless among others), workshops, stands of local farmers and trade buyers. It was a fun and educational event to get to experience what local farmers and businesses have to offer.

 This is an all organic spread of dried flax-seeds, herb encrusted cheese and a green salad. It was remarkably tasty and very good for you. Although it was a rather dry dish, washing it down with 100% organic pomegranate juice hit the spot -after the lovely afternoon chatting with local farmers.

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