Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shiva's - Mountain View, CA

Back to Cali I go! Sorry for the flip-flops but  I'll be spending a lot of time eating in different places either in CA or IL. Last week my oldest friend Liz was in town to help celebrate my birthday. She happened to have work in Monteray so she took a pit stop to visit me then the two of us spent a whirl-wind 3-days in the peninsula, SF and Napa. It was amazing to have her and I'll make sure to post some pics from our weekend/ pre-bday celebration.

The first night she was here we hit the Mountain View art and wine festival. Which is basically the closest thing that I'll be getting to Chicago-style fests. The art/jewelry was great and we opted to sit at a nearby restaurant for a glass of wine. Later that evening we hit Shiva's for authentic Northern Indian cuisine.

We ordered the samosas to start. They were a little small, but packed with flavor.The garlic naan was delish. We also got the butter chicken and the veggie grill. The veggie grill was really flavorful and you could taste the char-grill from the tandoor. Tasty. But my favorite part of the meal had to be the butter chicken. OMG. The best dish I've had in an Indian restaurant, ever. It had honey-glazed tomato gravy all over chicken and it was to die for. I was surprised we finished all of our food since there was a lot , but it was so good we couldn't stop eating!

There are lots of Indiana restaurants to choose from in this region, do yourself a favor and stop here the next time your in the area. The butter chicken is to die for!

I'll post some pics from the SF / Napa weekend shortly! Happy Sunday!

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