Sunday, July 3, 2011

Isla Pilipina

I stumbled upon Isla Pilipina online one day a couple years back in search of some Filipino food.. And while I have to say my boyfriend's mother makes the best pancit I've ever had this place has some pretty amazing food. It's very random, and you might miss it driving by but inside it's cozy and always seems to be packed.

Here you have a plate of lumpia: for $3 you can get 10 pieces of deep fried mini eggrolls made with pork, egg, jicama, green onions carrots and sweet & sour sauce, and love (boasts the website). So tasty and a perfect tease to the meal. Next up the usual calamari, here called pusit. This comes with vinegar and garlic dip and is so light and fluffy! I hate really thick calamari so this is always perfect.

Next up you have Menudo which is pork and diced potatoes, prepared with tomato and peppers. Yummm. And finally the staple dish: Pancit. The pan fried rice noodles sauteed with chicken and mixed veggies. So tasty. It's interesting to see how Filipino food has a mixture of influences that over the years have created their own staple and unique flavors. I always love going to my boyfriends parents house and feasting on the wide variety of choices.

But I must say my favorite is this..
Ube ice cream. This is made with purple yam and is sooo sweet and tasty! If you've never had Filipino food I suggest you venture out and try something new. This place is also BYOB with a liquor store right next door!

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