Sunday, July 3, 2011

MC Restaurant & Lounge

If you are a friend, family member, loyal reader you know I'm a little psycho about Pho. The art of finding a good Pho means lots of trial and error. And lately I've had lots of both, trials and lots of let downs. So when the bf suggested we check out the new Vietnamese place on Ashland a Sunday hangover called for a good bowl of steaming comfort.

Walking up to MC I was already skeptical. What's with the flashing "Open" signs in the window? And walking in I was even more perplexed. Framed photos of flowers, posters of the Vietnam countryside, a very dated 80's style bar and an empty dining room. Hmm. Do I write this place off? And looking @ the menu I'm not sure what constitutes Vietnamese-French. I don't see French anywhere in this restaurant.

So now that I've completely come across shallow ... yes yes I judge based on exterior. Let me get down to the Pho. ... it was amazing. So good. I haven't had a Pho like this in ages!! Sushi 28 still has #1 Chicago Pho in my book but this comes in as a close #2. Not sure I'd come back for anything or anyother reason than a big bowl of Pho. :) Kudos to you little MC. Let's get an interior decorator in here so the children aren't scared away and you'll surely do well.


  1. I discovered your blog through my love Great Dates in the City and have been a loyal reader but have never commented before. I remember your love of pho and came here to tell you that I finally got to try some tonight. My first experience was at a little place on Argyle (Tank was closed) and it was amazing. Can't wait for my next pho encounter and to try some of your favs. Thanks for turning me onto it and keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Ash, I'm so glad to hear you got to try Pho. And Argyle is the best place for it! I find it funny that my favorite pho place happens to be in Lincoln Park. ha. Thanks so much for following! :)