Monday, April 11, 2011

Bar Deville

Hope you don't mind my random deviations from food talk- to bar talk but it's hard to escape the unique watering holes in Chicago...
So I thought I'd add to my previous post about my weekend and talk about an evening at Bar Deville. I've been here before, and it never fails to disappoint. I stumbled into this place a couple months back after a friend brought us here. I was totally surprised by what I found inside this little Ukrainian Village gem. From the owners of Victory/Empire Liquor they've added a more chill low-key dive to their Empire.

The decor and ambiance are so unlike most common Chicago bars. The front bar is pretty neat, with a back-lit bar and seating all around. The bathrooms are almost ridiculously small but work. The middle room is a pool room with black lacquer walls and a huge creepy Elk hanging front and center. Very much what I picture what my Dad would want out of a man cave. And finally there is the back room, the gem. Don't forget it exists because this is where the dance floor, Dj and other bar are. Not to mention the amazing vintage couches and seating lining the parameter. Where am I? seriously it's like a cross between a vintage store and someone's living room. I love it. The crowd rocks too. A nice (but not overwhelming) mixture of Hipsters, and the like. We're talking more Violet Hour and less Beauty Bar. I especially love the photo-booth (but hey, $5a bit much huh?) and Friday night Dj's.

The drinks in the front room consist of the signature classics along with mixed concoctions. This particular weekend I opted to start with the Sidecar, which left me happy. Realllly happy. If you want something less pungent, try an upscale brew or do as the hipsters do and drink a PBR, regardless they have lots to choose from. Just don't forget to stop at the Atm though, Cash only.

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  1. i pass this place all the time and have always wondered about it - great review!