Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Next Opening

And so the madness ensues after Nick Kokonas wrote on Next's Facebook page (drum-roll please) that they are ready to open. Er, maybe not?  Email's regarding reservations are supposed to be sent out today 500 at a time-  investors and family first. Hopefully? I'm confused, who can keep up anymore. Well apparently the slew of Facebook followers do keep up. I picture this:  enthusiastic Achatz stalkers consistently commenting on how eager they are, hence refreshing their email accounts every second- as sweat trickles down their MacBooks. Ah.

I on the other hand... am hoping to sneak in the back entrance while taking a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. There's a back door right? Don't mind the girl with the Nikon and crazed look in her eye.

Just kidding. I find the hype comical, and follow along when I can, but I'm not refreshing my email account every minute.. This tricky PR stunt won't fool me! Although, if I happen to come across a table I won't turn it down, duh.

And you thought Schwa was hard to get reservations for.

*4/7/2011 Update*
Tickets were up and running yesterday and sold out today. They'll be opening them here and there so check out the Facebook page for Next Restaurant for updates.
Thus far I've logged in but unable to find a date long enough to actually purchase, they sell out quick. Kudos for the team, but frustration for the diners. Guess I'll check back later! :)

Well I got tickets for May! I was super busy with work etc. this week but patience paid off because I waited until the dust settled and ended up logging in this am to snag a table for 2. Results to follow sometime at the end of May. :)

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  1. i recently heard about this place! still a bit confused about the concept but sounds worth trying if you get lucky.