Sunday, April 3, 2011

Folklore for drinks


Sorry for the dim lighting but I was trying not to destroy the ambiance of this incredibly alluring restaurant. Folklore's dimly lit interior, stench of grilled meat, and mojitos galore certainly lure you in. Bf and I decided to stop in after my post-dinner mojito craving. Yes, I have random cravings for all things sweet and savory. We've been here for dinner before but never post-dinner for drinks. It ended up being the lovely random date-night.

The bar was a perfect setting to relax and people watch. Our bartender was very sweet and informed me that the blackberry and mango mojitos are made of fresh fruit.  So naturally I got one of each. :) The mango was nice, with a hint of fruit and not too sweet. The blackberry though- WOW. The best mojito I've had in ages. It tasted so fresh and the flavors with the mint were incredible. The bf started with a Manhattan and eventually gave in and got an original mojito. For dessert we ordered the Folklore which was perfect. 

A few sips later a lovely gentleman with a ponytail and guitar begun his acoustic set. It was the perfect compliment to a random and fun night. I love how a walk down your street in Chicago results in a night like this- totally transported to Argentina. I will be coming back for food soon so stay posted.


  1. ive never gone for drinks and dessert but will have to - its in our neighborhood and i love it for a steak dinner!

  2. yes, try the mango or blackberry mojitos' amazing. i love that area, my boyfriend lives around there and I'm looking forward to the summer and to enjoy the outdoor seating.