Monday, April 11, 2011


It is officially Spring time in Chicago. Until next week when it will probably snow or something. This was a fun weekend filled with walking the neighborhoods and shopping. Boyfriend and I spent Sat. walking around Milwaukee ave. And after both of us were felt defeated and empty handed we decided to find some grub. So we ducked into Caoba on Damen. To be honest I wasn't filled with high expectations but we were both really craving a seat by the open windows and some beers. Which is what we got.

Great people watching, especially in this trendy 'hood. Boyfriend is quick to point out how this area has really turned into the "new Lincoln Park" only without the Polo's you have American Apparel hipster folk. And although his hood off Division is very close- we admit that area is quickly being taken over by ex-Lincoln Parkers as well. (Not that there's anything wrong with that). 

The food at Caoba is nothing to write home about. Plain Mexican, but without that, something. The salsa was great, so was the veggie burrito but the tacos and tostada's were really bland. I found myself pouring hot sauce and my salsa over it to add some flavor. The happy hour special was nice though - $4.95 for all of the items (including all pictured above) with a purchase of a cocktail. Not bad.

It was a much needed break from shopping to sit back and people watch. A couple hours later we meet up with some friends and enjoyed some classic cocktails, pool and dancing at Bar Deville. A lovely little weekend indeed.

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  1. Gosh darn it! I should have met you two for this restaurant...looks better than what I ended up cooking for myself!