Friday, April 1, 2011

Thai Village

Well here it is, Thai Village. I've heard stories upon stories about this place and read about the Michelin Bib they got this year, so I finally made a spontaneous trip for dinner. My boyfriend stops in frequently during his lunch breaks and raves about the 5.95$ lunch special, which is really a great deal. First thing he brought to my attention was how it used to be BYOB. We noticed the beer selections so guess they got a liquor license. The beer selection was about as random as the decor: blue moon on tap, Austrian beer, Japanese beer, and my pick - Thai beer. Might was well.

The Singah Thai beer I got was awesome by the way. Totally hit the spot.
I ordered the classic - Pad Thai and he ordered the Kang Ped Phed; which is roasted duck, pineapple, tomatoes, basil and bamboo. His was really good I love the taste of the coconut milk and basil and the bamboo was unique. My Pad Thai was great as well. Simply good. The peanut sauce wasn't too overpowering and with some lime drizzled on top, perfection.

It's really odd inside. The decor doesn't really seem to go together. The chandeliers don't go with the bar that looks somewhat German, and the Victorian framed flower paintings don't really fit either. I don't get it. But who cares, the food is front and center.

I don't get the Michelin people either. What on earth made you decide Thai Village should get a Bib star? I'm not saying it's not deserved, I just wonder how they come up with the qualifications. I'm going to assume it's because of consistency. I bet this place consistently brings out great food and has great service. Regardless, I was pleased and stuffed.  Not blown away, but very pleased.

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  1. I kinda dig the decor at Thai Village. The crispy roll starter is stellar!!

  2. speaking of neighborhood spots, is this one that should be high on my list? Thanks for the reco, I know Krista is close by too, we should plan a get together sooner or later.

  3. krista: I'll have to try that roll next time. And Jeff: sign me up! when and where?